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The roots of the Sun Rider album
Interviewer: Donavee Chappell
Interviewed: Jaee Logan
     Jaee Logan is a very elite singer songwriter, multi- instrumentalist, music arranger, music producer, music director, music teacher and coach, recording artist and performer. Jaee is a superb mentor and platinum music producer. To his credit there are numerous,very prominent recording artists, performers, musicians, music moguls, and music icons with whom Jaee has worked. Aside from them there are numerous young and aspiring musicians/artists all across the United States who have experienced Jaee's generosity and love for all of
humanity.  Jaee has mentored and produced a variety of platinum artists such as Timex Social Club, The Spinners, The Whispers, MC Hammer, Pebbles, Rosie Gaines (who later worked with Prince), and En Vogue.Through his help and artistry over 30 million records have been sold nationally and internationally. Knowing some of Jaee's writing styles in soft,easy-listening music,I knew I was in for a big treat when Jaee sent me a sneak preview of his exhiliratingly-beautiful smooth-jazz Sun Rider album.  Jaee,the son of legendary avant-garde jazz pioneer Giuseppi Logan, integrated multiple styles and inspirations on the album.  Drawing on his roots and influences across provocative music platforms, Jaee gives his listeners a very unique,multi-dimensional,very euphoric  music experience.
     When I caught up with the famed Mr.Logan via voice com, we talked about an array of topics, the first one being the concept of his new album,  and secondly the
powerhouse players making it happen.Let me set it up for you like this; the man gets the most talented players in the world to contribute to an album that he cos-
mically conceived from his conscious and subconscious being in a week! Besides the fact that the album brilliantly meshes on all levels! Jaee Logan's ability to regularly perform as a very hard-working musician,and produce in an executive acumen while balancing home life and community activism is astonishing to say the
     I asked Jaee about his latest,smooth-jazz masterpiece Sun Rider album.  And why jazz at this point in his career, considering his numerous, stunning successes
in other music genres? Jaee answered: "In the Fall of 2015 here in Oakland, California my very good friend, and music director,Art Carraway and myself saw smooth-jazz artist Bob James and his band perform in concert. I said to myself.  Why haven't I taken the time to do this? I mean I love jazz and it's in my roots. So I went home,sat down,and wrote the entire Sun Rider album in a week. I guess I was super-inspired! And my goodfriend,musician,Tony Taj Palmer motivated me. I then went and got my team.The first person who came to mind was Earth Wind& Fire's drummer John Paris."
 What I later found out was,being from the northern California,San Francisco Bay Area, Jaee knows just about everyone when it comes to musicians and talent,and I mean know them! So when he said the first he thought of was "JP," I asked him how he knew him.He went on to tell the tale of a long friendship thatbegan with "JP" in the late 1970's and 1980's with their mutual very good friend David Jackson. All three were best friends and it went on from there. Virtuoso guitarist Romerico "Romy" Geroso Jr. was another very good friend from this
same time. Jaee called John Paris and Romy Geroso Jr., who both live in southern California. Jaee said to them: "I've conceived and written my hot , new, smooth-jazz
Sun Rider album and I need your help." Arrangements were made for Jaee to fly down to Los Angeles to meet with John and Romy.Like good friends do,they
had a great time reminiscing and laughing with joy.The three of them decided they couldn't do the album without master bass player Dave Agent. Dave has played bass on tour with Club Nouveau,MC Hammer,and Michael Cooper.He also worked with Bobby "Blue" Bland amongst others.Dave has been inspired by artists such as Donnie Sterling and Ed Redick of the group Side Effect and their album "Going Bananas." These guys are at the core of what is modern music today.Dave Agent is a very dedicated,disciplined musician,like everyone else on the Jaee Logan team.Dave spends countless hours and days
rehearsing over and over to get everything exactly right,to elevate things to their highest peaks.To him this is what a serious musician's life is all about.
Musician Antoine Davis of Oakland,Jaee's recording engineer and assistant music producer,is also a big part of the Sun Rider album as is outstanding key-
board player and Producer Ivan Johnson.The first two single releases of the Sun Rider album
are "Deja Vu" and "Morning." "Deja Vu" is a very nice cover-song that was  written by the late,great Isaac Hayes and Adrienne Anderson.This ballad was a hit-song for singer Dionne Warwick in 1979."Deja Vu" needed some music production improvements so Jaee had Ivan make the necessary adjustments to the very beautiful ballad to bring it to its apex.
 John Paris asked Earth Wind & Fire bandmate Verdine White if he could make some contributions to the Sun Rider album.Verdine said "yes." All-Star Verdine 
for years has been recognized as one of the greatest bass players of all time.John Paris and Verdine White's rock-solid rhythm section along with Romy Geroso Jr.
on guitar,and Dave Agent make "a foundation that is kickin' big-time!" said Jaee.
 I asked Jaee about the concept of the album with song titles like "Blue Skies,""The Sands," "Sun Rider," and "April Clouds." He said: "This is an album that can
take one to The Congo, to the mountains, on vacation, or on the ride of your sonic life!  I got one of the greatest percussionists of our time, Bill Summers, to make some
major contributions to the album. Bill is known all over the world for his rhythmic flair and artistry,can really bring it home!" 
The album is alive! You can feel the energy of the players like it used to be back in the day,but with a funky-groove twist! "I'm going back to my roots, I'm coming with a different vibe,something new so we can bring jazz back!" said Jaee. "Because jazz is social music;" Jaee quoting the late,great Miles Davis.
"Deja Vu," the first single release of Jaee's smooth-jazz Sun Rider album charted at Number 15 on the "Billboard Top 20 Hot Singles Sales " chart last Summer
of 2016. "Morning," the second single release from the album,is being anxiously awaited by music fans all over the San Francisco Bay Area,the United States, and
the entire world!  And eager anticipation of Jaee Logan's shining-star,smooth-jazz masterpiece,the entire Sun Rider album is rampant throughout the entire globe!
Sun Rider is released on Daniel Peter Orth's Lounge Renown Records label.
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