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"Always start your day off by saying good morning to someone and make a brighter day!"
- Jaee Logan
                   Jaee Logan Biography

In the world of music there are but a few who have bridged the divide between artist and producer. Jaee Logan is one of them. A successful multi-platinum producer in his own right, Jaee has crossed many bridges on his way to supporting and enhancing the lives of aspiring and successful musicians all over the world. As a musician Jaee is a supremely gifted multi-instrumentalist.

 As a music producer, songwriter, vocals coach, musical director, session musician,
and performer, Jaee has worked with Sheila E, Pebbles, Timex Social Club, Club Nouveau, The Spinners, The Whispers, Rosie Gaines, Michael Jeffries, MC Hammer, Bobby Brown and many
more. Mr. Logan has sold over 30 million records worldwide. Last year 2016  Jaee wrote, recorded, and produced his groundbreaking smooth-jazz album Sun Rider.
Jaee is also a tireless, very dedicated, hard-working, dynamic performer.

When amassing a team of the most innovative, talented, and creative musicians available he completes a true trifecta of jazz, funk, and love. This is what one experiences from the blistering performances on the Sun Rider album. There are some big-name musicians who recorded on Sun Rider with Jaee. Verdine White of Earth Wind And Fire is one of them. Jaee has worked very hard in his pursuit of true spiritual expression through music. From Japan to the UK, the United States to Australia, Jaee has created truth of self and displayed an uncanny ability to touch mass markets with his musical creations.
One would be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated, hard-working, and spiritually-
grounded person than Jaee. His work ethic and determination to get to the core of it all is unsurpassed, and he looks to a brighter future for more than himself, but to the healing of entire nations through music of the soul. Jaee Logan is a true American icon.

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